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Leaves on Light Pink Foldable Tote Bag

Leaves on Light Pink Foldable Tote Bag

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Forgot your reusable bags again? It happens. But it doesn't have to! Our foldable tote bags are here to help.

Keep them in your car, backpack, saddle bags, wherever you go. They stay nice and neat, and are ready when you are.

Each bag features a long strap to be worn cross-body or over-the-shoulder, an expandable bottom to hold more stuff, and a secret pocket that's big enough for your phone (and probably your keys and wallet, too)!

What makes them so special?

* Each bag is made with virtually zero waste - I cut each piece to fit the available material.

* The main bag material was bought secondhand, and the patterned flap is a scrap from other projects. The color on the inside of the flap may vary.

* They are 100% biodegradable, made only from natural materials. No polyester, nylon, or stiffeners!

* The fabric portions, including the tag, are 100% cotton. The thread is 100% cotton. The snaps are metal.

Care instructions

Take care of your bags, and they'll take care of you! We don't make products subpar so they break and you have to buy a new one - that's not cool for you, or the environment.

The bags are completely machine washable. Air drying is strongly preferred. 

(Cotton will shrink slightly in the dryer, and it weakens the fibers over time. Plus, you know, electricity...)

The handles are reinforced, but the material is lightweight - which is good for portability, but not good for carrying bricks or bowling balls.


Each bag will vary slightly, due to the use of available scraps and reducing waste.

The main body of the bag, when unfolded is ~16x16"

The strap is ~43.5"

The inside of the secret pocket varies between 7.5x4.25" and 8.5x4.75"

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