We're moving! Dark purple text over an image of some moving boxes and plants in an empty studio.

We're Moving! Sale details & updates March-April 2024

We're hitting the road, again.

I've been a busy little goblin here in the studio, making soooo many NonPaper Towels to recoup after my last viral moment. (TikTok viral - not sick, thankfully).

Surprise, surprise - time has flown by and it's time to move. (Military family, iykyk)

And I have quite a massive pile in the stock room - more than I can fit in my totes, oops. 

So I'm offering you 30% off everything in the shop - bundles included. 

This is the biggest discount I've ever done. Usually I do a longer sale at 20% off for Earth Month and/or Plastic-Free July, but this will be it for a while. The shop will close after the sale, for at least 3-4 weeks while we move and get settled in.

(Head's up - after the sale ends, instead of "closing" the shop - I may mark everything as "sold out" so you can enter your email/phone number for individual items and be notified when I reopen. Just in case you're reading this after the sale, wondering why everything is sold out lol.)

My website (where you are now!) ships to the U.S. and Canada. Expanding internationally is a top priority for after the move - but if you're outside of the U.S. and Canada - the sale is happening in my Etsy shop too. I use a third party shipping service that doesn't integrate with Etsy, so shipping is almost always cheaper than what it says. I will refund the difference.

The sale will run until March 24th, 2024 April 1st, 2024 (extended!). No discount code necessary, it will automatically apply to your cart.

The last of the orders will ship on the 2nd, then we start packing up. 

(Side note, Shopify - the platform that hosts my website - doesn't currently have a feature that automatically displays sale prices... That's why you always hear small businesses saying the code applies automatically. Why on earth they haven't implemented this feature is beyond me, literally every other ecommerce platform can do this. Rant over.)


Thank you for being here and for believing in my mission, it really means a lot. I have some new things planned for the remainder of the year, and by new things, I mean perhaps some upcycled and vintage things... stay tuned!


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