Sale Details June 2024

New Aprons, BOGO Sale Details June 2024

To celebrate the launch of my new upcycled line - everything else in the shop is BOGO 50% off!

The sale is completely separate from the aprons - you do NOT have to buy an apron to use the sale, but you certainly can. 

Just add 2 (or multiples of 2, no limit) items from any of the categories listed below to your cart, and the discount will automatically apply.

* Must be 2 items from the SAME category. Discount will apply to the lower priced item, if applicable.

You can add multiple categories, like 2 packs of NonPaper Towels, 2 packs of Cotton Rounds, 2 scrunchies, etc.

(NOTE: Sale updated 6/24/24 - I changed how the sale works on the back-end to make it easier. If you previously had items in your cart, you may have to remove and re-add them to update the sale prices.)

- NonPaper Towels

- Cloth Wipes

- Cotton Rounds

- Reusable Travel Utensils

- Foldable Totes

- Key Fobs / Keychains

- Stickers

- AND includes bundles!

If you have any questions, please use the contact form here!

Thanks a bunch,


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