How to Roll NonPaper Towels

How to Roll NonPaper Towels

The easiest way to use NonPaper Towels

Of course, you could leave them in a pile on the counter, or crammed in a drawer - but it'll be hard to remember to use them!

You're already used to pulling a paper towel off of a roll - so let's do the same with your new NonPaper Towels!

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Cruelty-Free Stitchery's NonPaper Towels naturally cling together, so they don't need snaps, velcro, or any extra help. 

You'll need:

- Your NonPaper Towels

- Either an old paper towel tube, a dowel rod, or paper towel holder with a removable stick. 

A stack of light purple NonPaper Towels with a moth design, being rolled onto a paper towel tube.

Step 1 - make a stack

After you've washed the NonPaper Towels - flatten them out into a stack with the "back" side facing up.

They may crumple a bit after washing, and you can iron them if you have lots of extra time on your hands, but they'll still cling together just fine.

(They actually get more clingy after each wash!)

Step 2 - start rolling

Lay the tube across the stack, a few inches up from the bottom.

For the first one, pull the corners tight around the tube and roll it up.

Then, lift the roll and start at the beginning of the next NonPaper Towel.

Repeat until you've rolled the whole stack!

It gets easier after the first few times. Pretty soon, you'll be a pro.


Types of holders

This method will work with any kind of paper towel holder.

If you already have a paper towel holder that mounts underneath a cabinet, you may need to save an empty tube from your last roll of paper towels (reduce, reuse, recycle!) The kinds that grip the roll will require a paper towel tube, but if yours is a wooden or metal one with a stick that goes through the tube, you can just roll the NonPaper Towels around that!

(We are planning to stock wooden holders soon - so keep an eye out!)


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