Triangle Granny Square Scarf / Wrap – FREE crochet pattern

Hello there, hope you’re doing well!

Over the next few months I am planning a few new patterns that will help you use up some of your stash! “Stash-busters,” if you will.

I am overrun by Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Super Saver and want to diversify my yarn stash, but I need to make some room before I can do so.

This Triangle Granny Square Scarf / Wrap can be completely customized to fit the type of yarn and colors you have. You can make it bigger, smaller, one solid color, stripes, sew it together to make an infinity scarf, let your imagination go wild with it!


I was originally planning to make it a triangle-shaped shawl but I liked this layout better. And I love how the texture worked out – it’s not entirely flat and looks almost ruffled!




  • Any colors of worsted weight yarn, about the equivalent of 2 skeins’ worth. For this I used Caron Simply Soft.
  • Size J hook (6.00mm) or whichever size you prefer. My triangles measured about 5″ on each side.
  • Blocking board (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Smaller hook to weave in ends


  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • sp = space
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch

If you need help with any of these stitches, visit the “Learn to crochet” section at the top of my blog and I have videos on how to do each stitch, and also a demo on making granny squares. The video on how to attach squares may also be helpful.


Making the triangles:

They are worked in the round. If you know how to make a traditional granny square, it’s the same pattern except you just leave off one side. I opted to SC once between the clusters because it helps the piece to lay a little flatter (but normally I do not SC between the clusters).

Round 1: ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form a loop. ch 2 (ch2 counts as 1 dc throughout pattern), dc 2 in center of loop. ch 2. dc 3 in loop, ch 2, dc 3 in loop, ch 2, join to 1st ch2 with a sl st. Sl st over to 1st ch sp, ch 2.

Round 2: dc 2 in same ch sp, ch 2, dc 3 in same ch sp, ch 1, dc 3 in next ch sp, ch 2, dc 3 in  same ch sp, ch 1, dc 3 in next ch sp, ch 2, dc 3 in same ch sp, ch 1, join with sl st to 1st ch 2. ch 2.

Round 3-4: repeat in the same manner as above. After round 4, ch 1 and fasten off, leaving a tail at least 12″ long for sewing together.

I usually don’t leave a tail, but now I think I am a believer because this dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend weaving in the ends, because you can just weave in the end with the yarn needle when you’re done sewing.


At this point, you can block the triangles, or just start sewing.

I arranged mine on the blocking boards and let them sit overnight just to help them keep their shape. I made the squares in a few batches because I didn’t have enough space on the boards for them all at once.


After that, lay out the squares until you’re happy with the colors.


Now comes the fun part. Sewing! (ok not really the fun part haha)

Pick up the first triangle (I keep wanting to call them squares), and thread your yarn needle with the tail.

Hold that triangle and the next one with wrong sides together and sew under each stitch, making sure to go over the end a few times to keep it from coming undone. Then slip the needle back along under the seam to hide the end, and snip! No ends to weave in, woohoo!

It’s smooth sailing from here on out. My only tip is to be careful when you’re sewing them together, make sure you don’t accidentally sew the new triangle to the wrong side and end up making a circle instead of a line… learn from my mistakes.

Then sew the strips together longways. You’ll probably have to stop in the middle and get more yarn on the needle and keep going. Make sure that the tips of the triangles line up together, and reinforce it a little between each one.

And that’s it!


Like I said, you can customize this with whatever colors or kinds of yarn you want, you can even use bulky yarn. Or, if you have more patience than I, you can use a thinner yarn or crochet thread for a more delicate design.

If you want to go even farther with the “stash-buster” thing and you have varying smaller lengths of yarn, you could make each round of the triangles a different color!


If you use this pattern, tag me in your pictures on Instagram @astreetcrochet or post on the ravelry pattern page!


You may sell any finished items from this pattern, but please do not re-produce it or  claim it as your own.

Author: Abby G.

After 14 years of reading crochet patterns, I have taken the dive into writing some for myself and for others. I'm a country girl living in the city, a fish out of water if you will. Speaking of fish, I am vegan. Therefore, I do not use wool, leather, or silk in my creations. I hope that I can inspire you to make beautiful crochet pieces, and maybe one day I can learn to knit.

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