Extreme Yarn Stash-Busting! (aka I have too much yarn)

Hello everyone!


I have posted a few stash-buster patterns on the blog previously. I have a few that I will post to Instagram (@crueltyfreestitchery) since they don’t necessarily require patterns, just a metric crap ton of yarn.


I’ve purchased um…. upwards of 150-200 skeins of yarn over the past year or so. Not exactly sure since I purposefully omitted the purchase date from my stash spreadsheet haha. Plus I started the inventory way after I had accumulated 4 or 5 bins full and I would have no way to tell how old they are. Anywho. The recent huge clearance sale at Hobby Lobby was a blessing and a curse…. high profit margin, low storage space.


Currently (as of June 27th 2018) I have 447 full and/or partial skeins of yarn. Round it up to 450 as I’m certain there are some that were missed. Also not including yarn that I am using for personal projects (gifts, etc), probably 50-60. But I won’t be necessarily focused on those for what I’m talking about in this post.


I’ve been severely slacking in a lot of things, thinks to some personal stuff. Crochet is one of them. I got my ducks in a row to get the business started then they all scattered. Such is life. I make primarily blankets and scarves to sell on Etsy, maybe some day a craft fair. This project will be a huge step in the right direction. I’ve got a huge basket full of finished blankets that are waiting to be listed and sold on Etsy but alas I’ve only listed one…


So, about this project.


My wallet and bedroom/office/yarn warehouse are suffering, and my sanity is right there with it. It’s less than 6 months until Christmas and I have a LOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT of work to do.


My plan is to use up at least 100 skeins of yarn by Thanksgiving. I know, that’s a ton. It’s about 2.5-3 storage bins worth. I need to focus on that and not buying any more, plus I need the bins freed up to store the yarn that’s in bags on the floor…. yikes. I refuse to buy a 13th bin. If I focus (ha) I can use about 2 skeins per day, maybe more if it’s a bulky yarn.


During that time I’ll only buy yarn if I get a custom order, and hopefully I won’t come across any clearance sales.


If you’re a nerd like me, you might enjoy these totals and we’ll see how much I can use up.


I have…

  • 5 Bernat Baby Blanket
  • 8 Big Twist Sincerely
  • 14 Big Twist Value
  • 53 Caron Simply Soft
  • 63 I Love This Yarn Chunky
  • 25 I Love This Yarn Cotton
  • 92 I Love This Yarn solids/variegated
  • 13 Knit Picks Brava Bulky
  • 7 Knit Picks Dishie
  • 43 Lion Brand Heartland
  • 7 Lion Brand Homespun
  • 23 Lion Brand Landscapes
  • 2 Peaches and Creme
  • 3 Premier Sweet Roll
  • 9 Red Heart Scrubby
  • 10 RHSS stripes (all my other RHSS was picked for the stash busting, I had at least 80-90 at one point)
  • 17 Sugar n Cream
  • 4 Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss (I have more for a personal project…  the skeins are bigger than my head)
  • 5 Yarn Bee Scrubology
  • 8 Yarn Bee Soft Secret
  • 27 Yarn Bee Sugarwheel
  • 6 Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton
  • 3 Yarn Bee Urban Chic


Another purpose for this is to move towards using more cotton yarn. It makes up a very small portion of my collection. What stinks is that cotton is more expensive and comes in smaller quantities than acrylic, so it’s more tempting to just get acrylic. I also wish there were more options for plant based yarns than just worsted and DK cotton besides using boutiques. Sure people will pay a higher price for cotton over acrylic, but probably not over $100 for a scarf. I feel bad charging that much for a blanket! (But not too bad, because it’s hard work).


Leave a comment, let me know if you’ve tried stash-busting before and how it worked out! I’m saving for another apartment (I moved out, had to move back in, long story) so I need to recoup my finances, business or otherwise.


Author: Abby G.

After 14 years of reading crochet patterns, I have taken the dive into writing some for myself and for others. I'm a country girl living in the city, a fish out of water if you will. Speaking of fish, I am vegan. Therefore, I do not use wool, leather, or silk in my creations. I hope that I can inspire you to make beautiful crochet pieces, and maybe one day I can learn to knit.

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