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***NEW - Choose the style of your mask! 

- "Standard" ($10) - the original style, with nose wire (unfolded paper clip).

- "Upgraded" ($12) - new reinforced, wider thin metal nose piece that is attached with soft flannel. The "Upgraded" is better for glasses-wearers, as it significantly reduces fogging when properly adjusted. Color of flannel may vary but cannot be seen when mask is on.

Some may only have ONE listed as available, due to limited stock. Please email me at with any questions.

Also ALL masks will be made with 13" elastic, previous versions had been made with 10" then 12", the new length should fit everyone better. 

We will be donating $1 from the sale of each mask to Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization that is working directly with local communities in COVID-19 relief efforts by providing food and supplies to those in need. The grand total for May was $170! 

The elastic ear loops may be tightened by re-tying the knot, then you can spin the elastic around to hide the knot inside the mask. Your mask should be snug against your face with no gaps. Detailed instructions will be included with your order.

Each mask has a metal piece to adjust around the nose. We admit that it is, indeed, a paper clip. Be careful when adjusting, try to bend it before you put it on because it is more sturdy than a disposable mask (i.e. don't poke yourself in the eye!). Masks also have a pocket in the back if you wish to add an extra filter, such as a coffee filter, but is not necessary. If you use a filter, remove and dispose of it before washing. 

When you receive your package, remove the masks from the bag and immediately wash or, at the very least, hot iron them and wash your hands. You should use this precaution when opening any package, not just ours. 

This listing is for one mask, universal adult size. "Cute" prints will go fast, and may restock so check back!

These are expected to sell out very quickly. We are NOT taking pre-orders or requests. We do not need any more donations at this time, because supply may exceed what we are able to reasonably produce and don't want to waste any resources. If you would like to financially support Cruelty-Free Stitchery but don't need a mask, consider purchasing our other products and share us on your social media. 


*** If you would like to purchase masks in bulk (over 20 pieces), please email 

PLEASE NOTE: These are cloth masks as RECOMMENDED by the CDC. They are not "approved" by the CDC. These are not intended to prevent you from contracting any illness, but are suggested to help stop the spread, as it is contagious before symptoms occur and spreads through coughing, sneezing, talking, and laughing. THESE ARE NOT a substitute for proper social distancing! Please remain at least 6 feet away from others, do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, and do not go near crowds of people. These are also NOT a replacement for N95 or surgical grade masks. Cruelty-Free Stitchery does not make any medical claims about these masks. By purchasing a mask(s) you understand and agree to these statements. 



New to reusable cloth products, or want some helpful tips? See how to get the most use out of your reusables!


Cotton Rounds, Cloth Wipes, and Cotton Towels

First things first, wash and dry them before use. They are all machine washable and dryable, but we recommend to machine wash and lay flat or hang to dry, without fabric softener. (Of course you can machine dry, but we are trying to save the environment here, ya know?) 

Use any detergent you have, there are tons of recipes for DIY detergent. Our favorite is the ECOS unscented. 

Use the handy-dandy mesh washing bag to wash the Cotton Rounds so they do not run amok in your machine. Totally not necessary, but convenient. 

After the first and each subsequent wash, they will start to feel softer and will become more absorbent. 

If you machine dry them, they will come out a bit crumpled. They naturally cling together so if you flatten them out into a stack they will be fine, or if you have lots of time and a penchant for ironing, you may choose to iron them. (Side note, that could be a great way to teach kids how to use the iron??)

Cotton Rounds can be stored in the bathroom in a repurposed cotton ball container or small mason jar. You can loop the washing bag around your towel bar or inside the cabinet, and toss it in the wash when it gets full. If you are using them to remove makeup, pre-rinse to avoid mascara and eyeliner stains. Show us how you store your Cotton Rounds on Instagram with the hashtag #crueltyfreestitchery and we may repost it! 


Cloth Wipes can be stored on the changing table with your DIY baby wipe spray, on your makeup vanity for quick cleanups, in the kitchen for little napkins, or folded up on the nightstand for tissues! The possibilities are endless with Cloth Wipes, really. 


Cotton Towels are the perfect replacement for paper towels. Once they are washed, they will fit onto a standard paper towel holder. Save the tube out of your last roll of paper towels and simply roll them onto it - they naturally cling together to form a roll. Or you can fold them into a napkin holder, or have a nice little basket on the counter and toss them in. Once you've used them, rinse and put into the laundry hamper, or keep a wet bucket under the sink. Cloth Wipes and Cotton Towels can be rinsed and reused multiple times before actually washing, depending on what you've used them for! 


If we've left anything out, or if you have other questions, send us a DM on Instagram @crueltyfreestitchery, or email