5 Things I Wanted to Learn This Year

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a blog about what I needed to learn in order to be my own boss here.

I was living on my own (well, with my fiance, I mean away from family) and was frustrated with my job/career situation. I have always wanted to be self employed since I learned that it’s a thing people do. Working at my own pace and on my own schedule is when I work best, which is why I absolutely loved online classes in college.

I had a few things in mind that I wanted to do, so I thought they would make a decent blog.

Looking back at the post, it’s clear that I was almost desperate for a second income.

A few months later, I quit my job and moved back with my parents. I had a few weeks of vacation time so I had some cushion to find another job, but I exhausted that pretty quickly. I spent a few months doing what I thought I needed to do in order to get the business off the ground, and also worked on my other unrelated YouTube channel. I was for sure I’d start making money off at least one of those ventures.

No such luck.


I had spent time doing the wrong things. I was focused on looking at what other people were doing, without actually doing the things that they were doing or even trying to make them work for me.


A few months later, I finally got the footing for my business structure. (I still don’t have a business bank account because the state’s registration website is outdated to say the least, it’s impossible to navigate and the bank needs proof that I am registered… long story, working on it).

I have a tentative product line that I am going to reproduce as they’re sold out, then I’ll do a few special pieces here and there, and of course take custom requests. I would like to get into craft fairs eventually, but I always vastly underestimate the amount of time it takes to prepare, especially since one blanket can take weeks to finish around my work schedule.


I was going to go through the list of 5 things I wanted to learn this year and talk about each one. But the truth is that I didn’t really…. do… anything about them.


And that’s the one thing I DID learn this year, just to DO it.


My favorite video was the one of Shia Labeouf where he’s saying “Don’t let your dreams be dreams – just DO IT”. I always tell my fiance that I’m going to get a tattoo about that one day.


You can plan until your hand falls off and your head explodes, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t do what you planned.


So one year from now, I’m going to do this again. And we’ll see what a difference this will make – actually DOING versus talking about doing.


“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”


With love and yarn,

Abby G.

Author: Abby G.

After 14 years of reading crochet patterns, I have taken the dive into writing some for myself and for others. I'm a country girl living in the city, a fish out of water if you will. Speaking of fish, I am vegan. Therefore, I do not use wool, leather, or silk in my creations. I hope that I can inspire you to make beautiful crochet pieces, and maybe one day I can learn to knit.

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